China’s blockchain guru Tian Jia joins Cryptyk Foundation Board

China’s first blockchain developer, Tian Jia, has joined the Cryptyk team as both technical advisor to Cryptyk Inc. and director of the Cryptyk Foundation board.

Tian is a major thought leader in China’s rapidly growing blockchain community having first got involved in bitcoin development and mining in 2011. He has served as Chief Scientist in the first bitcoin fund in China (Bitfund) and was an early supporter of Zerocoin upon its incarnation since 2013, which later became Zcash. Tian joined the Zcash voting committee and was also a founding investor in Bitfinex. He has worked as as a startup mentor to several blockchain startups including, and

Tian is currently Chief Scientist at Cortex Labs ( and Venture Partner at Zhenfund. IMO, Metropolis VC and BA Capital which are all leading crypto-currency investment funds. He also advises most of the major Chinese crypto-funds including FBG, Nirvana Capital, Higgs Capital and 8decimals. Tian is widely considered the No.1 expert in China for blockchain technology and has often been called “China’s Satoshi”. He has a BS / MS degree in Computer Science from Tsinghua University, and is a specialist in distributed storage systems (such as Cryptyk Vault). As both a systems architect and entrepreneur he has joined multiple startups which have been sold to large companies such as Shenma Inc. His research interests lie in next-gen science and technologies, especially computational neuroscience and articifical intelligence.

Tian Jia commented that “the Cryptyk team is setting out to solve one of the most fundamental problems for the internet using blockchain technology as a key ingredient. With their group of talented scientists, hackers and developers I believe they can deliver a truly decentralized privacy-preserving highly secure enterprise software platform. I’m very glad to join them as an advisor and Foundation director”.

Cryptyk CEO Dr. Adam Weigold commented that “it’s great to have Tian Jia join our advisory team and also serve as a board director for our non-profit Foundation. Tian’s enormous blockchain experience and technical genius will be invaluable for our product development, and we are already working together on several upcoming technical publications. His technology focused perspective and support of open source ecosystems makes him the ideal director to represent the interests of developers on our Foundation board. Tian will also be an invaluable resource for our ongoing negotiations with numerous Chinese customers and partners. The Cryptyk team has now become much stronger in terms of both technology and global presence.”

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