SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., January 27 2020 -- Cryptyk Inc., a US based developer of enterprise-class cyber-security and cloud storage products, has announced that is has launched its first equity investment round since 2017.  In mid-2020 Cryptyk will release a decentralized cloud security and storage technology that has the potential to become the first ultra-secure enterprise equivalent of consumer facing Google and Apple cloud environments. The company is raising capital via sale of equity to private accredited investors to fund the marketing and sales efforts for its upcoming product releases scheduled for mid 2020. 

The company is raising up to US$2 Million of private equity investment capital from accredited investors, investor pools, family offices and private equity firms at a nominal company valuation of US$20 Million. The minimum investment is $100,000 for 0.5% equity up to a maximum of $2 Million for 10% equity. While several investor presentation events have been scheduled, any qualified investor can participate by downloading the offer documents and completing the application form at  

Cryptyk CEO Dr. Adam Weigold commented that "this offer at a $20 Million valuation is great value for a Series A round for a post-revenues cyber-security startup with a disruptive technology and no real competitors in a $175B market. This is only double the $10 Million valuation of our last equity round which was over 2.5 years ago before we had launched our first product in the CTK Token. We have been very selective with our investor shareholders in the past, and this strategy will continue for this round. There will also be discounted offers available for selected investors who participate early on in the round.""

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