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Listing Date : 8 / 8 / 2021

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Cryptyk Explained Simply

CTK : a Utility Token to power Secure Cloud Storage

CTK : a Blockchain Agnostic Utility Token

The Cryptyk Token (CTK) is the new digital currency for cloud security and storage applications from Cryptyk Inc. CTK is a utility token that leverages the permanent immutable nature of consensus driven blockchain technology to underpin a new independent digital economy for secure, private cloud storage applications. The primary function of the CTK Token is for the processing, auditing and logging of cyber-security verification tasks for Cryptyk’s SaaS Cloud Storage and Security platform. When initially listed in 2019 the CTK smart contract was built on top of the ERC-20 Ethereum protocol to establish initial liquidity and a trading regime. However CTK is blockchain agnostic and can sit on top of public protocols such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and also private permissioned protocols such as Hyperledger. This makes CTK tokens “future-proof” against the potential availability of improved blockchain protocols, and applicable to enterprise, business and consumer applications. 

CTK powers the Cryptyk Cloud Storage and Security Platform

The key to Cryptyk’s decentralized storage and security technology is that it leverages the speed and scalability of major centralized storage providers, while also leveraging the immutability of the blockchain for security auditing of all user activity. Uploaded files are first encrypted and then split into 5 separate randomized pieces and then encrypted a second time. Each doubly encrypted randomized file piece is then stored separately across 5 major cloud storage providers such as IBM , Google or AWS. Every user access event, every file modification event and every file sharing event is permanently stored on the blockchain for internal security analysis and monitoring.

This hybrid integration of two decentralized platforms offers the first cloud storage solution that is broadly immune to (1) external threats, (2) internal threats, (3) DDoS attacks and operational failures, (4) surveillance threats, and (5) viruses, malware and ransomware. CTK also acts as the underlying payments platform for VAULT and SENTRY cloud products. The CTK token economy will drive customer adoption of the CRYPTYK CLOUD product suite and incentivize 3rd party development of an APP ecosystem built on our cloud storage. 

CRYPTYK Cloud Storage vs. the Competition

CRYPTYK CLOUD will be priced to offer both consumer and business 100% privacy and “safe-to-hack” security
for only double the price of unsafe centralized cloud storage vendors such as Google, Microsoft and AWS

CRYPTYK : the platinum standard for “Best in Class” Private, Secure, Fast Cloud Storage

Top 10 Security Startup 2018

Enterprise Security Magazine has named Cryptyk one of the Top 10 Enterprise Security Startups for 2018

Forbes Article featuring Cryptyk

Cryptyk Token labelled “blue chip”
blockchain project by Forbes

Top 25 Blockchain Technology

CIO Applications Magazine has named Cryptyk Top 25 Blockchain Technology Solutions Provider

Cryptyk Token (CTK) Economy

CTK Token Economy Structure

The CTK Token Economy was developed in early 2018 with the CTK smart contract creating 750 Million digital tokens (fixed in number forever). In 2019 CTK listed on the Cointiger exchange and the current distribution of CTK tokens is as follows:
(1) Initial Circulating Supply of 250 Million CTK (33%)
(2) Phase 2 Token Release of 100 Million CTK  (13%)
(3) Company Supply of 250 Million CTK (33%)
(4) Community Supply 150 Million CTK (20%)
The Company supply consists of 250 Million CTK tokens that are reserved for Cryptyk Inc shareholders and staff. The Community supply consists of 150 Million CTK tokens and is managed by the non-profit Cryptyk Foundation. These tokens are for issuance to crypto exchanges, key strategic partners and 3rd party app developers . Development of the CTK economy is in parallel with the development of Cryptyk Cloud storage.
Note: to create a CTK Digital Wallet (1) use an ERC20 compatible wallet such as, (2) Click add Custom Token, and (3) add CTK Smart Contract Address and 8 Decimals.

News and Updates

Cryptyk Team

Adam Weigold, PhD

CEO & Founder

Quantum Physicist, Technologist, Inventor, 20 Yr Startup Veteran, 6 Startups, 1 IPO, 2 Public Acquisitions

Naveen Sydney


Veteran Software Architect & Cloud Product Developer, Blockchain, AI and Big Data Specialist. ex Raytheon

Dennis McMasters

Chief Architect

Automation Expert, Platform Architect, Developer, former NYSE, “the guy who automated the NYSE”

Mihkel Trink

Product Engineering

Systems architecture and integration expert, Software Developer, Project Manager, former Ericsson

Mel Olivares

community manager

Sales Engineering & Training Specialist, Social Media Marketing, ex Stanford Uni, Techshop

Strategic Partners and Vendors

Phase 2 Cryptyk Token Release

The Phase 2 Cryptyk Token (CTK) Release is now open for OTC purchases.  These direct off-exchange “over-the-counter” purchases with Cryptyk Inc. receive discounts of 10% – 30% off our currently traded spot price for purchases of over 2 Million CTK.

Contact us today if you want to purchase CTK off-exchange via an OTC trade.

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