Since this article was published, RenGen has become RenGenX

San Francisco (USA) - March 19, 2018: Cryptyk has today announced key strategic partnerships with New York based crypto fund RenGen and their soon to be launched crypto-currency exchange UberDelta. UberDelta will be a decentralized exchange, only listing premium Ethereum based security tokens.

Cryptyk will be the first ERC20 token listed on the UberDelta exchange which is expected to go live shortly after the close of the Cryptyk public sale round. The exact listing date depends on when UberDelta completes its ongoing application for a US securities exchange license with the SEC. Note that Cryptyk Tokens (CTK) are already registered with the SEC as a security token in the US, but are classified as a utility token outside the US.

Furthermore, RenGen will provide market making facilities guaranteeing strong market liquidity for CTK tokens upon listing on multiple global exchanges. The multifaceted deal includes a major investment in CTK tokens from RenGen. As of this agreement, Cryptyk will now be listed on both UberDelta and Orderbook exchanges with more exchange-related announcements expected in the near future.

About Cryptyk
Cryptyk is a blockchain technology company that has developed a revolutionary new approach to cyber-security and cloud storage. Cryptyk’s new Hybrid Blockchain Technology is based on the integration of encrypted decentralized file storage with blockchain auditing and monitoring. It is the first complete cyber-security and cloud storage solution from a single vendor, and dramatically reduces the cost of cyber-security for all enterprise. 

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About RenGen and UberDelta
Rengen is a leading New York based crypto-currency investment fund and blockchain adviroy group. UberDelta is RenGen's soon-to-be-launched decntralized securities exchange for digital tokens.

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