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 Cryptyk Token (CTK) Airdrop 2024

To support the May 21 listing of CTK Tokens on Uniswap (the worlds No.1 DEX) Cryptyk will airdrop up to 1 Million CTK to participants between May 21 and June 21, 2024 (ie: over the 1st month after initial launch on Uniswap).


Participants will earn either $5 or $10 worth of CTK Tokens depending on the number of simple online social media tasks that they complete for us. Completing one task should take less than 5 minutes and both tasks should take no more than 10 minutes. You just join, like, share and comment !


Airdrop participants must first register below and then complete either 1 or 2 online tasks on social media to receive either $5 or $10 of free CTK Tokens. Complete 1 task for $5 or complete both tasks for $10 in your CTK wallet. 

Register for CTK Airdrop

To add CTK Tokens to your ERC-20 Wallet choose "add custom token" and enter the CTK contract address below and 8 decimal places:

CTK Contract:  0x42a501903AFaa1086B5975773375c80E363f4063

Check to confirm your residential status

Thankyou - now start your tasks below

 Task 1 : Telegram and X

(a) Telegram

  • Join our Telegram Group at and say hello to our TG community

  • Join a 3rd party crypto-related group on Telegram and post the following on that groups chat "CTK Tokens available at up to 40% discount off exchange traded price - visit"


(b) X formerly known as Twitter

  • Follow us at @TeamCryptyk

  • Like,  Comment and Repost the latest post announcing the CTK token sale pinned at the top

 Task 2 : Facebook and LinkedIn

(a) Facebook


(b) LinkedIn

Once you have completed one or both tasks you will be on the list to receive either $5 or $10 of CTK deposited in your wallet within the next month before June 17.

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