Cryptyk represents a paradigm shift in thinking about cyber security. What if you could design a single, complete cloud security platform with an in-built architecture that completely removes the potential profit from hacking? Cryptyk’s hybrid blockchain technology promises to disrupt the enterprise security market by reversing the cost structures between hackers and business enterprises.

Cyber-security is a big complex problem that, before now, no security software vendor has completely addressed. Over the coming weeks we will do a focused analysis of hybrid blockchain technology as part of a “Threat Analysis” series. We will highlight each of the five major security threats to cloud storage and explore how Cryptyk’s solution effectively counters these threats.

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A Large Complex Problem 

Currently, losses to cyber-crime are approaching a trillion dollars annually. Despite all attempts to add new layers of security to the cloud, current strategies are failing and hackers are winning the war for our data. Barely a week goes past without news of another major hack: Equifax, HBO, Sony, Yahoo, Telegram. (click here to see an updated list of world’s biggest data security breaches).

These breaches prove that traditional cyber-security technologies are no longer safe. Given the amount of confidential data stored on the cloud grows exponentially each year, it is imperative that we completely change the way that we protect the cloud. And to do that we must break down the problem into its five main core components.





There are 5 main security threats to the cloud (ie: external, internal, viral, operational and intercept threats) . Unfortunately there does not exist a single vendor solution that offers complete cloud security. Conventional solutions are a piecemeal layering of multiple vendor products including Cloud Access Securty Brokers (CASB), Cloud Security Gateways (CSG's), Firewalls, Proxies, Encryption Software, Anti-virus software, Spyware Software and Threat Monitoring platforms. A large enterprise might spend only $10 per employee per month on cloud storage. However they will typically be spending $40 - $60 per employee per month on cloud security to protect that cloud storage. Even with these large expenses on cyber-security most data stored by enterprises is still not safe. Businesses need not only a new cyber-security technology, they need a new cyber-security economy that benefits them and not the hackers.


Cryptyks Decentralized Solution
Cryptyk's hybrid blockchain technology integrates an encrypted decentralized cloud storage platform called Vault with a decentralized blockchain auditing platform called Sentry. As an integrated hybrid solution this technology is the first complete cyber-security solution against all 5 main threats to the cloud, and it comes from a single vendor in Cryptyk. Cloud storage is also bundled into the same security package for a complete cloud security and storage solution that elimates hald of the cost for customers compared to a conventional centralized multi-vendor approach.



 uploaded to Vault are first encrypted and then sliced via intelligent randomization into 5 different file portions. Each file portion is encrypted a second time, and stored separately on one of the top five third-party storage providers in the industry (currently IBM, Amazon, Google, Box, Dropbox). The file portions can only be located, decrypted and assembled again by Vault, and the encryption keys are stored on the user’s personal devices and offline back-up system, not the cloud. This decentralized cloud architecture is passively immune to external threats, viral threats and opertional threats.


Sentry is a decentralized blockchain platform that tracks and audits user access to Vault’s distributed data and more. It facilitates detailed control of permissioned access at all levels, enables tracking of file sharing and users behavior, and provides a permanent auditable record of all user access, file sharing and communication events. It also provides encryption and proxy functions for all email and network chat applications. When integrated with Vault, the complete hybrid solution offers protection against the remaining two cloud security threats - internal threats and intercept threats.


These two rings of decentralized security offers smaller attack surface and much more protection than either conventional centralized storage systems, or single layer decentralized systems such as blockchain file storage platforms. Moreover, blockchain-only file storage platforms such as Sia, Filecoin and Storj, suffer large access latencies greater than 30 seconds when trying to upload or download a file. In contrast, Cryptyk's hybrid blockchain technology does not store files directly on the blockchain. It stores files spread across 5 major cloud providers and uses blockchain as an auditing mechanism for user access control. This means that the Cryptyk file storage platform delivers access latencies less than 200 msec (tested and measured on our prototype). This is fast enough for real-time applications such as live editing and network collaboration. Consequently Cryptyk is the first blockchain based file storage system that is suitable for todays enterprise cloud applications that require low access latency.


If you want to learn more about the advantages of Cryptyk's hybrid blockchain technology, please follow the remainder of this series when we will evaluate, on a threat by threat basis, how Cryptyk offers protection against all five major security threats.


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