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Apply for OTC Purchase of CTK
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Discounted OTC Purchases

Cryptyk offers 20% - 40% discounts on large volume OTC purchases direct from us. The minimum OTC purchase is 500k CTK and the maximum is 10M CTK per person. The OTC discount pricing structure is:

500,000 - 1,999,999 CTK = 20% discount 

2,000,000 - 4,999,999 CTK = 30% discount

5,000,000 - 10,000,000 CTK = 40% discount

Payments can be made in fiat USD via Zelle, Revolut or Bank Wire Transfer. Payments can also be made in crypto USDT via the ERC-20 network. Submit an OTC application here to receive a formal quote / invoice via email. Terms & Conditions provided with quote.

Current Price: $0.00370444 USDT

* Note that we cannot sell CTK tokens via OTC to US residents or citizens unless you are qualified as an accredited investor with >$1M of assets or >$200k of annual salary.

** Note also that OTC purchases require a 3-9 month no-sale period based on order size during which time the purchaser is not allowed to sell their CTK on CEX or DEX exchanges. We track wallet addresses.

*** Note that you must specify your CTK Wallet address which is Ethereum ERC-compliant. We recommend using the Metamask wallet to store your CTK Tokens but any hot or cold ERC-20 compatible wallet will suffice.

To add CTK Tokens to your Metamask or other ERC-20 wallet you need to select "Add Custom Token" and input the CTK contract address below and 8 decimals.


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