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Cryptyk launches Cryptyk Club and Beta Testing Programs

Updated: Apr 24

MIAMI, Florida, April 17, 2024

Cryptyk Inc, a developer of blockchain based cloud storage technologies, has announced the creation of two new community programs that offer significant discounts and benefits to Cryptyk Token (CTK) holders and product users for upcoming Cryptyk consumer apps. The Cryptyk Club membership program will start accepting applications in June 2024 while the Cryptyk Beta Tester program is now already accepting applications. For an overview of the features and benefits of Cryptyk Club Membership or to enrol in the Beta Tester program vist the Cryptyk Token website at

The Cryptyk Club program is an exclusive members-only program that offers free discounts and product benefits to our most loyal and significant long term CTK Token investors. Membership is divided into 2 different classes - Platinum and Gold. Platinum Membership involves numerous discounts and product benefits for all future Cryptyk Apps including the first 100GB of Cryptyk Drive Web3 cloud storage free for life. Gold Membership involves discounts and product benefits for selected future Cryptyk Apps including the first 10GB of Cryptyk Drive Web3 cloud storage free for the first 2 years.

The only way to qualify for Cryptyk Platinum Membership is to own at least 2 Million CTK Tokens and store them in your private CTK digital wallet (note: CTK stored on CEX or DEX exchanges do not qualify). When you apply for membership in June you will be required to submit your ERC-20 Wallet address or transactions IDs for deposits into your private wallet address for verification on the blockchain. There are only 50 Platinum Memberships available forever. Because there are already around 35 CTK Token holders there is effectively only 15 more platfinum memberships available for new CTK Token holders.

There are also only 200 Gold Memberships available free for the first 2 years. And unlike Platinum memberships there are 2 ways to qualify for Cryptyk Gold Membership - 1) to own at least 500,000 CTK that is stored in your private CTK Wallet address, or 2) to enrol and participate for at least a month in the Cryptyk Beta Testing program. The beta testing option will involve your assistance and reporting during the beta testing phases of our upcoming app release Cryptyk Docs. Enrolments for the Beta Testing program are open now at the bottom of this page as a checked option when subscribing.

Cryptyk Chairman Dr. Adam Weigold commented today that “we are excited to be rewarding our most loyal long term investors with the Cryptyk Club Membership program. The program is 100% totally free to existing CTK Token holders with over 500,000 or 2 Million CTK in their private wallets. We also want to incentivize a passionate team of beta testers that will help us improve and optimize our Web3 products going forward. Hence the Beta Tester program has been structured with free Gold Membership once beta testing responsibilities are completed. Ultimately the Cryptyk Club and Beta Testing programs are all about rewarding our most loyal investors, building our community, and improving our products with feedback from our most passionate followers."

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