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CTK Technology

CTK : a Blockchain-based Utility Token

The Cryptyk Token (CTK) is the new digital currency for enterprise-class cloud security and storage applications from Cryptyk Inc. CTK is a utility token that leverages the permanent immutable nature of consensus driven blockchain technology to underpin a new independent digital economy for secure enterprise cloud applications. The primary function of the CTK Token is for the processing and logging of cyber-security and payment related verification tasks for Cryptyk's SaaS security and storage services. When initially launched on secondary exchanges in Q2 2019 the CTK smart contract was built on top of the ERC-20 Ethereum protocol to establish initial liquidity and a trading regime. However CTK is blockchain agnostic and can sit on top of public protocols such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and also private permissioned protocols such as Hyperledger. This makes CTK tokens "future-proof" against the potential availability of improved blockchain protocols, and applicable to both enterprise and consumer security applications. 

In Q1 2021 the CTK economy will be integrated with the CRYPTYK CLOUD product suite that includes the VAULT cloud storage and SENTRY cloud security platforms. This hybrid blockchain integration will form the underlying payment processing and auditing system for a new independent decentralized cloud ecosystem. CTK's token utility is used for the fast processing of network security verifications for the SENTRY security auditing platform. CTK also acts as the underlying payments platform for SENTRY and VAULT plus the numerous software applications (or APPs) to be built on top. The CTK token economy will help drive customer adoption of the CRYPTYK CLOUD product suite and also incentivize 3rd party development of an APP ecosystem built on our ultra-secure cloud storage. Building an engaged community of software developers will be key to the evolution of CRYPTYK CLOUD from a SaaS product into an open source ecosystem that organically builds new applications by itself. To this end Cryptyk Inc has founded the non-profit Cryptyk Foundation to manage the customer, developer and investor communities for the benefit of all stakeholders.   

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Explainer Video: CRYPTYK CLOUD Ecosystem

CTK Token Economy

Token Economy Structure

The CTK Token Economy was developed in early 2018 with the CTK smart contract creating 750 Million digital tokens (fixed in number forever). The initial distribution of CTK tokens was as follows:

(1) Initial Circulating Supply of 300 Million CTK (40%)
(2) Company Supply of 250 Million CTK (33%) 
(3) Community Supply 200 Million CTK (27%)

A total of 300 Million tokens were issued to investors via the CTK token sale and to strategic marketing partners via token swap agreements. The token sale and exchange listing processes has created over 2200 token holders which form the initial circulating supply for trading on secondary exchanges. It also generated $4.4 Million of product sales for over $2M of income used for Cryptyk Cloud product development.

The Company supply consists of 250 Million CTK tokens that are reserved for Cryptyk Inc shareholders and staff. These will be issued to staff in stages starting in Q2 2021 once the CRYPTYK CLOUD product platform has been successfully launched. The Community supply consists of 200 Million CTK tokens and is managed by the non-profit Cryptyk Foundation. These tokens are for issuance to key enterprise customers and 3rd party app developers from Q2 2021 once the product platform has been launched.

Customer Adoption drives CTK Value

The CTK Token Economy will not exhibit any growth due to product utility until the CRYPTYK CLOUD product suite is launched (now scheduled for Q2 2021). Until then CTK price and market behavior will solely be determined by market sentiment and investor speculation (ie: similar to a security or share). Nonetheless we can expect the CTK price regime during the pre-launch and trial phases to be between 0.01 cents and 1 cent. Once the product suite has been launched CTK price will start to be increasingly determined by its product utility. Hence, CTK price will be primarily driven by customer adoption and grow exponentially during product launch and sales growth phases. While CTK pricing cannot be accurately forecast or guaranteed, estimated price trading regimes* are shown in the diagram here ->.

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Enterprise Security Magazine has named Cryptyk one
of the Top 10 Enterprise Security Startups for 2018

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Cryptyk Token labelled "blue chip"
blockchain project by Forbes

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CIO Applications Magazine has named Cryptyk
Top 25 Blockchain Technology Solutions Provider

"Cryptyk is rightly positioned to redefine cloud security and storage"

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Trade CTK on Crypto-currency Exchanges

Buy and Sell CTK Tokens on Cointiger


Cryptyk is currently listed on Singapore based Cointiger which is consistently rated in the Top 15 global crypto-currency exchanges in terms of daily trading volume. Initially the only trading pair will be CTK/USDT (BTC and ETH pairs to be added soon).


Adam Weigold, PhD

CEO & Founder
Quantum Physicist, Technologist, Inventor, 20 Yr Startup Veteran, 6 Startups, 1 IPO, 2 Public Acquisitions

Raghu Kotha

CTO & Founder

Cyber-Security Expert, Blockchain Developer, Full-stack Coder, White-hat Hacker, ex Silicon Valley Bank, Bell Labs


Dennis McMasters

Group Chief Architect

Automation Expert, Platform Architect, Developer, former NYSE, “the guy who automated the NYSE”

mtrink 2018-08-13 at 12.42.32

Mihkel Trink

VP Product Engineering

Systems architecture and integration expert, Software Developer, former Ericsson


Daniel Floreani, PhD

VP Enterprise Solutions

Computer Scientist, Research Fellow, Enterprise Architect, former Cisco Systems and Australian DoD


Derek Grocke

Cyber-Security Manager

Cyber-security professional, platform security auditor, network tester and full-stack code-breaker

Ian Scarffe

Ian Scarffe

Blockchain / ICO Advsior

Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto Luminary. Rated Top 10 Blockchain Expert on ICObench


Tian Jia

Foundation Director & Advisor
Computer Scientist, Blockchain Expert since 2011, Chief Scientist at Cortex, Partner at Zhenfund, ex Alibaba 

Aly Madhavji

Crypto-currency Advisor

ICO Expert, Award winning Blockchain Author, Asian ICO Adviser, CEO & Founder Global DCX


Prof. Erich Weigold, A.M.

Governance Advisor

World Renowned Quantum Physicist, Humbolt Prize, Lyle Medal, Member of Order of Australia


Development Partner


Cryptyk is an IBM Embedded Partner for Blockchain and Cloud Storage Products 

Development Partner


Development Partner who makes the worlds most secure PC hardware

Development Partner


Strategic Development Partner and Cyber-Security Vendor

Customer Partner


Strategic Customer, key trial participant and prototype platform tester

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