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CRYPTYK TOKENS (CTK) drive the Web3 Cloud

Cryptyk Tokens power Cryptyk's Web3 decentralized applications with unrivalled Privacy, Security, Speed and Scale

CTK Token Release Announcement


Live CTK Pricing in USDT

Current Price: $0.00595028 USDT

24-hour Change: 19.07%

Total No. of CTK Token Holders : 3100+

Circulating CTK Supply : 500,000,000

Total CTK Token Supply : 750,000,000

CTK Token Economy
750 Million CTK fixed forever

CTK Economy and Token Distributions

12 Month CTK Price History
> 5x growth over last year


Schedule for CTK Token Events
Dates are subject to change

April 18 :  Phase 3 release of 75M CTK for OTC + Liquidity 
May 24 :   Launch of CTK-USDC pair on
Uniswap V3 DEX
June 30 :  Cryptyk Club Membership applications close
July 24 : 
 Cryptyk Utility Event - Cryptyk App beta launch 

Progress of Phase 3 OTC Sales
since April 18 release

Phase 4 CTK Token Release Progress

via 3 different purchasing options

Buy CTK direct via OTC

1) Buy direct from us via discounted OTC

Purchase 250k - 10M CTK Tokens direct from Cryptyk via over-the-counter (OTC) purchases at discounts of 10% to 40% below the exchange traded price.

Buy CTK from a CEX

2) Buy on Centralized
Exchange (CEX)

Buy or Sell CTK Tokens with USDT on a global Top 20 Centralized Exchange for speed and convenience.

Probit Centralized Exchange


Buy CTK from a DEX

3) Buy on Decentralized
Exchange (DEX)

Swap or Buy CTK Tokens with USDC on the worlds No. 1 Decentralized Exchange for security and transparency.

Uniswap Decentralized Exchange


to be part of the Web3 revolution

Every time a Cryptyk Web3 App user executes a security auditing, user verification, file tracking or payment processing command, behind the scenes CTK Tokens fund the processing and permanent recording of all user and file events on our traceable, immutable blockchain network. 

By purchasing CTK Tokens you are both supporting a new Web3 ecosystem that can power tomorrows cloud storage applications and investing in the future of Cryptyk's decentralized digital economy.

The CTK Economy will be transformed by our upcoming utility event - the July 2024 beta launch of our first Web3 App in Cryptyk Docs. After the utility event CTK Tokens will experience utility economics with Cryptyk App adoption adding to CTK market demand. Follow-up launches of additional Web3 apps (Cryptyk Drive, Wallet and Chat) will add even more utility and market demand for CTK Tokens. 

CTK empowers Cryptyk Web3 Apps
with Privacy, Security, Speed & Scale

Privacy & Security

Zero Knowledge (ZK) privacy combined with blockchain security auditing means that Cryptyk decentralized apps exceed even the toughest of user privacy regulations that no centralized Web2 cloud storage provider can. Cryptyk is the only truly private cloud. 

Speed & Scalability

Cryptyk's decentralized Web3 file storage splits files across 5 global  centralized cloud providers such that each Web2 node only stores 20% of each file. Hence we are just as fast and scalable as Google and AWS but 100x more secure.

CTK powers Web3 Apps with security auditing

Every time a Cryptyk Web3 App user executes security auditing, user verification or file tracking processes, behind the scenes CTK Tokens fund permanent recording of all data events on our traceable, immutable blockchain. Data processing and file storage only costs users a fraction of a cent per auditing, verification or tracking service making it not only more secure but more cost efficient.

Web3 cloud adoption drives CTK value

Every time CTK Tokens are invisibly used for security auditing, user verification, file tracking or product payment functions they place demand on the CTK economy. This demand can ultimately only be met via purchasing CTK on centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) crypto-currency exchanges. Hence Cryptyk Token utility ultimately increases CTK price and volume on the crypto exchanges.

Download Cryptyk Business White Paper
(3.4MB PDF File)

Cryptyk Business White Paper
Cryptyk Club Platinum Memberships
Cryptyk Club Gold Memberships

for access to exclusive Cryptyk product upgrades and benefits 

Only 50 memberships available

  • Available free only to CTK Token Holders with at least 2 Million CTK.

  • Platinum members get free Web3 product upgrades including the first 100GB of Web3 cloud storage on Cryptyk Drive free for life.

  • Other benefits include discounts on all product upgrades and exlusive luxury product offers from the upcoming Decentryk store.​

Only 200 memberships available

  • Available free only to CTK Token Holders with at least 500,000 CTK or successful participants in our Cryptk Beta Tester program.

  • Gold members get free Cryptyk product upgrades including the first 10GB of Web3 cloud storage on Cryptyk Drive free for 2 years.

  • Other benefits include discounts on selected product upgrades. 

Cryptyk Club Membership applications based on CTK private wallet balances will begin in June 2024. CTK wallet balances must be verifiable via blockchain records of applicants CTK address or transactions.
CTK stored in CEX accounts are not valid. Club membership priority is given on a first come basis with earlier CTK purchase dates having priority over later CTK purchases.


Cryptyk has 4 years of design experience building our secure hybrid-blockchain data storage technology for large enterprise and military customers using  private permissioned blockchains including hyperledger. As Cryptyk now transitions the technology towards the Web3 consumer app market using public blockchain, here is what a few of our enterprise customers and partners have to say about us.

5 Star Customer Review

"Cryptyk is 1 of the top 5 exciting technologies that I’ve seen in 30 years, and it’s hard not to get excited about it or what it will do for the cybersecurity industry."

Robert Bender
CTO of Top 10 US Credit Union

5 Star Customer Review

"Cryptyk combines both privacy and security with true speed. That is not something that I thought possible with a blockchain based file storage platform ... until now."

Dr Daniel Floreani
CEO of Military Cyber Company

5 Star Customer Review

"Cryptyk's decentralized storage technology allows any customer to have secure, private, reliable and fast data storage that offers both performance and piece of mind."

Peter Burke
Smart City Property Developer


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