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Cryptyk launches 75M CTK Phase 3 Token Release and will list CTK on Uniswap DEX

Updated: May 4

MIAMI, Florida, April 18, 2024

Cryptyk Inc, a developer of blockchain based cloud storage technologies, has announced the Phase 3 and final CTK token release for over-the-counter OTC purchases and to provide liquidity pools for CTK's upcoming listing on Uniswap, the worlds leading decentralised exchange (DEX). This Phase 3 CTK Token release will distribute an extra 75 Million CTK into the existing 425M CTK circulating economy for a total of 500 Million CTK owned by the CTK investor community. The remaining 250 Million CTK of the total 750 Million CTK economy is owned by Cryptyk Inc, some of which will be distributed to Cryptyk staff and equity shareholders after the successful launch in July 2024 of our first Web3 consumer app Cryptyk Docs built on our hybrid blockchain storage platform.

65 Million CTK of this Phase 3 Token release is reserved exclusively for long term investors who make OTC purchases. OTC investors will receive discounts of 10% to 40% off the exchange traded price (the current exchange traded price is 1 CTK = 0.0058 USDT). The minimum OTC purchase amount is 250,000 CTK and the maximum purchase is 10,000,000 CTK per investor. Note that all OTC purchases include a 1 month - 6 month no-sale condition depending on the size of the purchase.

The OTC discount and no-sale structure is as follows:

250,000 - 499,999 CTK = 10% discount with 1 month no-sale period

500,000 - 1,999,999 CTK = 20% discount with 3 month no-sale period

2,000,000 - 4,999,999 CTK = 30% discount with 3 month no-sale period

5,000,000 - 10,000,000 CTK = 40% discount with 6 month no-sale period

All OTC purchases over 500,000 CTK will automatically qualify for Cryptyk Club Membership which will formally open for applications in June 2024 before the beta testing phase of the Cryptyk Docs Web3 app begins. Owners of at least 500,000 CTK will qualify for Cryptyk Gold membership status while owners of at least 2 Million CTK will qualify for Cryptyk Platinum membership status. There are only 250 Gold Memberships available for the next 2 years while there are only 50 Platinum Memberships available forever. Membership applications in June will be aprroved on a first invested basis with earlier CTK purchases having priotity over later CTK purchases. Given that there are already 35 CTK Token Holders with 2 Million or more CTK there may as little as 15 Platinum Memberships available to new investors - so get in early and confirm your priority status.

The remaining 10 Million CTK from this Phase 3 release will primarily be reserved for tranched liquidity pools to support the upcoming listing of CTK on the Uniswap V3 decentralized exchange. A small amount of this 10M CTK (ie: 1M CTK) will also be reserved for a limited number of airdrops to support the marketing of our Uniswap listing which is currently scheduled for May 15, 2024.

Cryptyk Chairman Dr. Adam Weigold commented today that “we are very excited to finally reach the Phase 3 token release stage which means that CTK's utility event (the first of our 4 consumer app releases) is only 3-4 months away. Token utility will transform the CTK economy with Web3 app adoption placing increasing demand on CTK supply to drive up the CTK price exponentially. The listing of CTK Tokens on the Uniswap DEX in May will complement the existing CEX trading on the ProBit exchange and further support the supply of tokens for the utility event. Once our Cryptyk Docs app is launched in July we will be listing CTK on additional CEX and DEX exchanges using tokens from Cryptyk's company pool. It has been a long journey to transition our technology from a military-grade enterprise storage solution to a suite of Web3 apps for consumers driven by the CTK Token. It is a credit to the commitment of both the Cryptyk team and our loyal investor community. The future is bright for our Web3 consumer apps and the CTK digital currency that will drive them."

OTC Purchase Applications can be submitted here.

Cryptyk Club Membership details are here.

Cryptyk Web3 App Website:

CTK Token Website:

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