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Cryptyk Phase 2 Token Release results in 8x increase in CTK trading volume

Updated: Jan 29

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., January 31, 2022

Cryptyk Inc., has closed the Phase 2 stage of its CTK Token release which has injected 100M CTK Tokens into the circulating economy. This means that all OTC and online sales of CTK Tokens have now formally ended. The only way to purchase CTK as of today is via crypto-currency exchanges Cointiger and Probit. The conclusion of the Phase 2 Release means that there are now 350 Million CTK in the CTK circulating supply either in the hands of investors private wallets or trading on exchanges.

Cryptyk CEO Dr. Adam Weigold commented that “we are very pleased that the Phase 2 release has produced the desired result in dramatically increasing CTK trading volume and liquidity on crypto-currency exchanges. Before the Phase 2 stage CTK had an organic daily trading volume of 2 – 3 Million CTK per day. The Phase 2 release has grown that volume to 15 – 20 Million CTK per day which is an average increase of 8 times. The fact that the trading volume increased dramatically in just a few days in December is likely due to a few large OTC buyers transferring their tokens to the exchanges for day trading. Regardless of the mechanism we are very satisfied that CTK now has an organic daily trading volume around 5% of the total circulating supply. This is sufficient to power the token economics for our blockchain powered cloud security and storage platform due for release in the middle of this year. Hence another key technical milestone has been met. We will be announcing additional exchange listings over the next 6 months to further bolster our trading volume.”

CRYPTYK is a San Francisco based developer of Decentralized Cloud Storage and Security Auditing technology that provides orders of magnitude better security and privacy over conventional centralized cloud storage providers such as Google, IBM and Amazon. It also provides orders of magnitude faster performance and scalability than blockchain storage providers such as Filecoin, Storj and Sia.

Investor and CTK Token Information:

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